IIT Palakkad offers B.Tech program in Civil Engineering since 2015. The yearly maximum student intake is 30 for the past 6 years. In addition, supernumerary seats are available to encourage girl students as per the Government norms and also 10% of EWS seats.

The Master of Science (MS) and Ph.D. programs in Civil Engineering are started in 2017. The admission process for MS and Ph.D. happens twice in an academic year.Currently, there are 7 MS students and 29 Ph.D. students in the discipline of Civil Engineering. The first Master Program in Geotechnical Engineering is started in the year 2019. The maximum student intake per batch is 15. In addition, 10% of EWS seats are available as per the Government norms. The number of registered students in the first batch is 10 with 20% girl students. The second batch in 2020 has 14 students with 50% girl students. Currently, there are 179 students in the discipline of Civil Engineering from all four programs with 26 % of female students.